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  • Joe B.
    The SEO services keep people coming in and the social media management allows our congregation to interact with each other. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Digital Marketing Company.
    Joe B.
  • Melanie C.
    We've worked with Ozzy and his crew at the Dockline Magazine for years. They are so helpful and creative in designing our ads and we are always amazed at how many people say they have seen our ads!
    Melanie C.
  • Abby K.
    They truly make me realize what is important when trying to get my business out there. I am very thankful for their help and quick response time when I have questions. Great business all together!
    Abby K.
  • Charlie D.
    Ozzy is so fun to talk to and the magazine is wonderful. They helped me design my add and got it going so quickly. So nice to work with people who take care of their business and do it right.
    Charlie D.
  • Cynthia G.
    Great group that offers the full package! They designed our website and provide monthly SEO support to our business. They are quick to respond to requests, willing to provide training where needed and stays engaged throughout.
    Cynthia G.
  • Here I Am Orphan Ministries
    Dock Line expertly tailored a web and social media strategy to our needs. The team is super responsive, creative, and in tune with the nonprofit world.
    Here I Am Orphan Ministries
  • Dean A.
    I had know idea what I was doing online, the team at Dock Line guided me and helped me get my business functioning properly online. They did an amazing job on my website and continue to do an amazing job on my marketing.
    Dean A.
  • IntelliFunda, LLC
    This was my first professional video shoot. I was a bit nervous, to say the least. However, Brad made the process easy and enjoyable! Thank you Brad for your professionalism and flawless production.
    IntelliFunda, LLC

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